Creating a Zine 8.1.16 – Pioneers of the 20th Century


The final zine above.


My design on Pearsall above.

Creating a zine from my essay on Phyllis Pearsall mapmaker in the 1930’s.  I collaborated by ideas with two other students designers.  We discussed the layout of 3 columns, combining 3 colours which will blend with all designers’ designs.  Two of which are from the 1930’s Pearsall and Eksell and the other is a 1950’s/60’s designer Robert JohnBrown, which designed typefaces .

We decided on 3 colours red, mustard yellow and black.  We discussed the ideas at length on a zine project group page I created on Facebook.  We arranged on the paper.  Once we designed our designs, we showed each other on the zine project group to ensure it was going to look similar on the zine.


Research and Development 

I did some research into Art Deco style poster and magazines in the 1930’s as ours was going to be based around mainly 1930’s design.  My zine was based on street map in London in the 1930’s.  I was able to use the 1936 map as it is over 70 years ago.

Initial Sketch Designs and researching layouts and grids of 1930’s magazines and posters.

IMG_2166 (1)


I drew the Tower Bridge as placed it within my design as this is featured on the A to Z street map of London book cover.  Using the colours we agreed on for the zine.







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