Promotional Campaign for Children 8.1.16

To celebrate the uniqueness and rarity of soon to be forgotten words, which are erased from the Children’s Oxford Dictionary, I created a promotion campaign for children called Necrosis – Little House of Horrors, with 8 Characters displayed below.

Half Face Heron
Blackberry Crumble
Potty Otter
Angry Acorn / Necrosis
Little House of Horrors
Meatclover / Chainsaw Sycamore / Poison Ivy / Weeping Willow
Created a strong fold on the packaging to hold the items enclosed
Perfect fit for the crayons
A4 colouring-in sheet enclosed and googly stick on eyes which lead to the website (website design only in sketch book)


A4 colouring-in sheet with all characters


Research and Development


Initial I went to the library and did some research on the words to promote their meanings and research on what children liked and were drawn too from an advertising perspective. (Sorry I have tried several times to insert this image the correct way up).

This lead me onto looking at children’s promotion and what was currently in the market today.

Argos products for boys and girls in a variety of aged ranges
Argos products for boys and girls variety of age ranges
McDonalds current promotion and Burger King’s on the bucket ‘Plant’s v Zombie’s’
McDonalds current promotion on Happy Meal packaging
More promotion from McDonalds colouring-in and word association games in store
Jamie Oliver children’s promotion in restaurant with colouring-in in a pack
Jamie Oliver promotion – promoting Jamie’s Italian and healthy eating choices with fun games in the Little Pack of Fun

Visited Westfield London mall to see what’s about on offer.  These are funny celebrate name coasters with puns.

Coasters for sale at Westfield London in Mall funny names
Gory characters on the coasters
scary characters

After seeing what was currently in the catalogues, mall and restaurants.  It led me on to think about the gory characters I liked as a child.  The Garbage Pail Kid stickers and the funny pun names, like the funny celebratory names which are still being sold today in the mall.


So I created the names:- Angry Acorn, Chainsaw Sycamore, Potty Otter, Meat Clover, Weeping Willow, Blackberry Crumble, Poison Ivy and Half Face Heron.

Packaging Research

I knew I wanted to have some sort of packaging for the promotion, as I really liked the quality of Jamie Oliver’s, but thought an envelope was a bit dull for children.  I know children adore the Happy Meal and toy from McDonalds, so I thought I would make a miniature ‘happy meal box’ (house).  Jamie Oliver’s ‘Little Pack of Fun’ combined – The Little House of Horrors, perfect name alongside Necrosis which is the brand name that focuses on the death of words from the Children’s Oxford Directory.  A small box, like a gift!

Initial packaging design, this was perfect size as I could fit everything in and it was the size of A4. Then I started to look at the design in detail, closures and folds to minimise costs.

Folds (bottom seal) – I created mock ups designs of the packaging.  Initially following McDonalds happy meal design, but fold I made needed to be secured with tape.  This was no good, so I made a few fold designs and finally came up with a fold that tucks in itself (see final piece and all mock ups in my sketch book).  Particularly as I printed the final piece on card it definitely held all the items enclosed.

Closure (top seal) – the roof closed similar to the happy meal box.  This was perfect, but it needed a seal.  I created an overlap, but further on I decided this wasn’t really that secure and opted for a easy removable self adhesive tape.  The roof can also be flattened to fold into boxes for logistic purposes.

Typeface for Branding Necrosis – Little House of Horrors

From the ‘Little House of Horrors’ name I created that reminded me of the ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ a film in the 1980’s.  Once I created my packaging, which I measured out using the happy meal box, I researched the Little Shop of Horrors and was pleased to see the typeface used was just want I was looking for, for my Necrosis – Little House of Horrors brand.

Once the packaging design was underway, I decided to create my characters and once I had a bit of practice on the graphics pen as I have never used one before – this is the first design with it.

The Characters – Design and Development

Angry Acorn, Chainsaw Sycamore, Potty Otter, Meat Clover, Weeping Willow, Blackberry Crumble, Poison Ivy and Half Face Heron.

Sketching out the design and then drawing them digitally in black lines only for the colouring-in sheet for the pack.

Then filling with colour digitally for the packaging.

Testing the characters out on the packaging

Which lead to the final design with enclosures.


Website Design

From the box packaging and contents the googly eyes lead the customer to the website Necrosis.  The website would be a 4 page website.

Website Pages

Visible -Home / Products / Fun Facts / Contact

Invisible – basket/checkout/payment pages

On the Home page is would feature the characters that the customer can purchase for their child.  The googly eyes would be in a trail on the website scrolling down to the end past all the Necrosis characters to buy.  At the end there will be a downloadable PDF colouring-in sheet for the children to use the stick on googly eyes, which are given in the Little House of Horrors.  The children would then colour-in the Necrosis character to submit and win a free toy.  The same toy given each time, to ensure children do not cheat and to force a sale of other characters in the range.

Products page will feature other products available in the Necrosis range, such as bags and clothing.

There will be purchase buttons on the products page and the home page with a basket at the top of each page linking all pages to the check out area.

Fun Facts page will feature all of the Necrosis characters, but as in real life so the children can see the real animals or plants etc.  The fun facts will have facts about each of the words.  There will be a note for parents explaining why these are chosen – i.e. extinct in COD.

Contacts Page for the children to post the drawing to us, or return of purchases etc.  There is a charge of £1.50 for postage – this will cover postage and some promotional costs.










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