Manifesto -1.4.16

The Brief


Producing a manifesto based on who and how I want to be as a graphic designer in my future career.  Manifesto is creative in concept and visually creative in design.  Typographic design.

Lecture Notes


Research and Development

I researched a lot of designs and motivational quotations.  I referred to books such as John Ingledew – How to have great ideas and 100 Ideas that changed Graphic Design by Steve Heller and Veronique Vienne.


I then produced two Manifestos one with an holistic design and the other with anti-propaganda in mind.

First Design

Initially I made my design with a candle light, but then I changed it to a QR code to give conceptual meaning.  QR code which reflects the values within.  I also change the typography to Bauhaus, which I preferred.


Final Design 1 – Manifesto


Final Design 2 – Manifesto

I really enjoy designing anti-propaganda forms of art.  This design is to represent identity as not having a bar code numbered, ‘originality’ is the conceptual form.  I used typography and layout to give meaning in the words.  Research and development on forms of anti-propaganda form of conceptual art, within my Research and Referencing menu.


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