Make ‘Em Laugh – Visual Puns 20.4.16

The Brief

Producing a set of visual jokes/puns using visual trickery where they snap magically together.

Lecture Notes


The Methodology

I created 4 designs, two of which could be used as poster designs for advertising campaigns/messages within companies.  Researching designs in books A Smile in the Mind, 100 Ideas that changed graphic design and How to have great ideas.

First Design

It’s a sketch pad, I sketched it using my graphics pen/tab after drawing it out and scanning it in digitally.  A pad is another name for a home.  Together it can mean a sketch of a pad (sketch pad).

visual pun sketch pad.jpg

Second Design

Dolly Mixtures are famous retro sweets in Britain, they come in different colours and designs.  I took a photograph of my daughter’s Dolly and alternated the colour to create ‘Dolly mixtures’.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 17.37.17.png      IMG_3606.jpg


visual pun dolly mixtures.jpg

Third Design

The third idea I decided to go with an advertisement style pun.  Designed for with the Tate Modern in mind, or perhaps any contemporary art gallery.  The hand is depicting a person stubbing out a cigarette, but it also looks like the hand has a piece of chalk and is drawing.

I used the photograph below, I adjusted the angle and added in the smoke lines.  The red circle and red line is commonly used in signs which are for prohibited use.  I used Tate Modern brand logo and Tate Modern brand typography.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 21.39.58.pngvisual pun tate.jpg

Fourth Design

Another advertisement style pun.  For this I decided to create a plate, with furniture that looked like food.  I cut out the furniture from Ikea website, then arranged them into my design, which could be an advertisement with Ikea Restaurant.  It’s a design of Fish, Chips and Peas, which is what they do sell within the Ikea Restaurant.  I used brand logo and brand typography.

visual pun ikea.jpg



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