The A-Z of London – London Transport Museum 24.4.16

The exhibition at the Acton Depot of the London Transport Museum had a variety of historic pieces on display from buses, trains, maps and the world famous Edward Johnston typeface, which marks the centenary of the typeface.

The typeface was hand drawn by Johnston, the alphabet is simple and elegant sans serif design and bears the proportions of the Roman capitals.  The designed was proposed in 1913 to London Underground Railway and is still in use today.

Signage – Predating Johnston and Johnston Typeface

Above Way Out signs predating Johnston typeface and the Johnston Typeface.  Images have captions.

Map and Poster Designs

The above image are map designs, top 1927 tube map, Olympic Games tube map and Tube Map from 2008.  The Lord Mayors Show poster from 1973, which I found quite scary.

Historic Transportation using the Johnston Typeface

Various typefaces

Fabric Design inside a 1927 carriage

Interestingly, the tour guide inside this carriage said that the lighter fabric was stopped in use by London Transport as it was too light and getting dirty, so the green and red fabric was brought in c1950 to overcome this issue.

I quite liked this quotation by Edward Johnston, so I purchased the poster.

poster edward.jpg


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