Make Extremism History – Poster Design – The Culture of Fear 29.04.16

Influence on Poster Design – Media Manipulation and Propaganda

What is often thought as a credible news sources can often knowingly or unknowingly be pushing political agendas and propaganda.  Propaganda is a form of biased communication, which is aimed at promoting or demoting certain views, perceptions or agendas.  Propaganda is communicated in different forms – TV, leaflets, posters, radio, social media and other mediums.  Public Relations and Government broadcasts propaganda as news.  The media is manipulated in all manners.  Professional public relation firms are often involved to help promote new religious movements, sell a war, especially where a war is questionable, the media are indirectly contributing to the eventual and unavoidable casualties.

The news doesn’t highlight stories of ‘what is happening now’, preferring to use fear as a base tactic to influence the public in order to achieve a desired outcome, known as fear mongering.  News about bombs and terrorist attacks, are communicated in uppercase typefaces of bold and red.  The broadcasters draw in the attention of the viewers, by the way they communicate the messages, holding them in a state of anxiety, but intriguing them to find out more.  Stories like these take prime place on the news, the broadcasters want the highest ratings.  The stories aren’t deep enough, they are kept to short and brief communication, to continue the fear mongering status amongst the population.

Media management is common with promoting public information campaigns by Governments, which are to encourage or discourage certain forms of behaviour.  The media and news broadcasters control this incredibly by influencing and altering attitudes of a population toward a specific cause, position or political agenda, selectively presenting facts and perhaps lying to encourage certain behaviours.  Social psychology around this can be to persuade people, by using a communicator who is credibility, has expertise, trustworthiness and attractiveness.

The Design

To communicate my message, I wanted to use the familiar typeface Gills Sans, which is used by the news broadcasting corporation.  The colours of white and red are the corporations brand colours for it’s news channel.  The logo at the top, has been changed to TIR (Tune into Reality), which replaces the three well known abbreviated letters of the well known broadcaster.




Poster Design in B2



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