What Else Can I Do With This? Candy Tree! 3.5.16

The Brief

Create a design from familiar object in the world.  We take things for granted and now is the time to ask, ‘what else can I do with this?’  Thinking of alternative uses for everyday objects, building, spaces, materials, technology and systems.

Lecture Notes


The Methodology

Looking outside into my garden, I have lots of wooden branches cut from my neighbours over hanging trees into my garden. I decided to grab a branch and think about ‘what else could this be used for?’


I selected a branch that had branches shooting off like ‘tree like features’.


Using sanding paper I sanded down the branches to give a smooth finish and remove any knots.  Then I got some stain and tested the colours to see which gave the best result on the bark.

After staining the bark, I stood the branch in a pot of sand and decorated the pot with white spar stones and pink hearts, wrapped a pink ribbon around the branch.

With the branch now as a tree, it was ready for decoration – time to turn it into a candy tree.


Using large and mini cupcake bases I constructed a hanging case with string.


The Candy Tree constructed with candy held in the cake cases.


What else could I do with this? Took an old branch and turned into a candy tree ideal for children’s parties.  With the stain on the branches it is weather proof so can be left in the garden at all times.  It can also be decorated with tea lights and glass holders for a warm ambience design for summer evenings in the garden.


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