Crush a Story – 10.10.16

Pictograms were introduced in the 1930’s Otto Neurath as an alternative to text in a graphic to communicate information.  He believed pictograms could be the world’s first universal pictorial language, which are still used today as an international universal pictorial guide for information.

Using a pictogram to tell a story using as few icons as possible, roughly sketching the idea of a favourite film, drawing on A3, with pencil then fine liner, using 3 colours black, white and yellow.  Taken a photo and uploading to Illustrator, then digitally creating the artwork in Illustrator using various elements such as shapes, lines, colour and the pen tool to make an A2 portrait.

I researched the typeface used in Eddie the Eagle film and the closest is Boxed Heavy font.  However, as this is not free I used the closest to this which was Helvetica Neue Condensed Black.  I chose the colour yellow as this is also in the film title, however as it is sitting on a white background unlike the film, which is sitting on a black background.  I put a black stroke around the text and a black drop shadow.  The colours in the text relate to the fun and comical feel in the pictogram/film, with the drop shadow in the text making the text levitate like Eddie himself as he flew through the air in slow motion.

Below film cover and footage

Saving as a jpeg to upload to this blog and saving as A2 print ready in PDF.

Final below Cropped for blog upload

eddie the eagle

Hand rendered work – rough sketch and final piece for upload

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