Book Design for Absolut Vodka


Typography – Futura Medium.  Created by Paul Renner in 1927, similar typography used and created in the Bauhaus.  I used this typography as the forms are simple geometric sans-serif typeface, nearly perfect circles, triangles and squares.  Combined with my geometric (not-perfect) abstract designs, this looks well placed within the book.

Colours for book – having researched the brand extensively, I wanted a bright variety of colours.  I didn’t want to restrict my colours to 3 or 4.  I wanted to represent the brand with all it’s multi coloured designs.  Restricting this to a chosen colour palette of 5 colours.  Inspired from the image below from the Absolut website.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 14.07.57.png

The CMYK colours I chose for printing were:-  Light Grey 0,0,0,35  (I chose grey instead of silver as this was easier for printing and cost efficient); Purple 50, 100, 0, 0; Orange 0, 80, 95, 0 and Lime Green 27,0,86,0

Cover Design

The cover I decided to create was abstract A and V., standing for Absolut Vodka, which is similar to the packaging design on the original bottle having the A and full stop depicted on it.  The cover design drove the concept for the abstract design throughout the book.


From the cover design, I initially started to create some abstract designs of a vodka bottle, cocktails and fruit.

The cocktails and vodka designs I used throughout the book chopping sections to further add to the effect.  Researched pattern designs in the book Designing Patterns for Decoration, Fashion and Graphics by Lotta Kühlthorn, enabled me to understand the concept layout for the placing the fruit in patterns within my book.  The square block design on page dividers was inspired from a book the Fashion Illustrator by Bethan Morris.

Page dividers with fruit patterns

The abstract design of the vodka bottle, cocktails and the essay was inserted in to the book with photography taken from the Absolut website’s press/media room, images are free to use.  I wanted to capture the celebration of absolut through it’s creativity, so I mainly used photograph images depicting party scenes as the brand uses these a lot in their campaigns.


Final book design added in next post.

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