Narrative Structures – Research

For the film analysis, I wrote out the elements and placed them on my wall to analysis when watching the Devil Wears Prada.  Having these in front of me helped me identify settings and camera shots when watching the film.

Including the preparation and following on from my narrative artefact proposal I research contemporary artists and designers who work with vanitas objects and art and with style of highlighting consumerism.  On 9 October I watched various documentaries on Damien Hurst these included the following:-  Damien Hurst – Relics; Kirsty Wark meets Damien Hurst and Jeff Koons BBC Newsnight; Damien Hurst at Tate Modern; Jeremy Paxman interviews Damien Hirst BBC Newsnight; Jeff Koons, BBC Imagine Documentary (2015); Who’s afraid of Conceptual Art BBC Documentary (2016).  From these documentaries I took notes on the objects depicted.  It was interesting to learn that Damien Hurst collects Jeff Koons’ art as well as the use of vanitas art, which I have wrote about in my proposal.

To research on Baroque art and still life, I researched into various artists from the Baroque period, which included Caravaggio.  Again I wrote about this in my proposal.  On 11 November I also watch a dvd from the university library on Baroque Art and Music.  I also research still life artists online and including watching documentaries; on 5 September BBC documentary on Apples, Pears and Paint : How to make a still life painting.  This analysis still life through the ages and contemporary still life art, which I found useful and extremely interesting.  Documentary on Still Life Painting – Renaissance art and paris – Louve.


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