Promotional Campaign – Designing for Interaction

For this project Veronica and I worked together and we wanted to create a promotional piece on something that we both like.  We are both vegetarians so we I suggested looking for a product that had a illustrative packaging design, which was designed for healthy eating and vegetarians.  Initially, I was drawn to promote with Innocent drinks because of their strong market position and interesting illustrative designs. After investigating their website, I noticed it was quite bland and the timeline history was out of date by almost 2 years.  So I decided to look further into a niche market of product packaging design.  I came across Cawston Press drinks, I also recall seeing them whilst shopping at Waitrose.  Again, this fitted well with our target audience as Waitrose shoppers would be interested in educational events for their children.  I investigated their range and new this product was perfect, so we both agreed.  The task then was to find the event we wanted to promote with this product.  Our target was to promote to an event for children through the Cawston Press kids blend juices range.  I immediately thought of Moomins as I felt this suited the IP of Cawston Press juices.  I looked into the Moomins event and found that there was a current event running at the Southbank Centre entitled The Adventures in Moominland.  Following this an Easter event at Kew Garden.  I was really pleased to see that the Moomins still held up in the contemporary market.  Having looked around for the Cawston Press Kid Blend range, I was only able to find it at Waitrose.  After purchasing a 3-pack of the kids blend, we could then investigate the packaging to analyse how we could initially target the Waitrose shopper audience.


To run a promotional campaign via Cawston Press kids blend for the Adventures in Moominland.  My idea was to offer discount at the event through online interaction, whilst promoting the event and healthy eating.  Veronica and I met to discuss the concept and promotional packaging design and web design.  We decided that a small design over on the clear wrap of the juices would be most cost efficient way to promote the event.  I was drawn to creating a game, which involved the children creating juices to promote awareness of healthy eating of fruits, to follow on to receive a voucher to the event.  The game would include Moomin characters to introduce the target audience to the characters and narrative of The Moomins.  Following this, to run a post event campaign to continue to drive awareness of the event via social media.   I started to create a wireframe for the game design as this was our main purpose of the campaign to design for interaction whilst promoting an event.  My initial concept was to create levels for the game ensuring there was interactive stimulates for the target audience, such as touch, sound and sight to stimulate taste and the desire to want to visit the event.


Veronica and I worked together to create the initial concept design presentation.

Presentation attached:-


Following the initial wireframe ideas of the game Veronica and I met to discuss the structure of the game as we felt it was a little bland.  We discuss 4 levels with a narrative within the game, which would enable the target audience to understand the other narrative of the Moomins as the Southbank event; as the event is about the history of the stories of the Moomins, which started in 1945.  We decided that we would split the game design in half as there was many asset to create.  I started to design Level 1 and 4 and Veronica would create the assets for 2 and 3.  We also looked into the character and how they would fit into the game.


I felt that a child’s voice for reward recognition would be most appropriate throughout the game, so I recorded my daughter’s voice using an online sound recording app to record the sounds, Well Done, Great Job, Superstar, Awesome.  I these were then incorporated into the game.  I set up a google drive folder for Veronica and I to share our project files and assets to ensure we both could work smoothly.


I created the assets of the fruits for the game using same fruits as in the Cawston Press illustration to create the association.

Hierarchy mapping out character and association to place within the game.




I Created Level 1 assets to kick off the game design concept.  We decide to start the narrative of the game at dawn, moving through to morning, afternoon and finishing the game at evening time in Mammamoonmins Kitchen.




Whilst we were designing the assets, I want to build a hierarchy of the characters, so I took some time to research the Moomins in detail to be sure we had appropriate characters representing in the game and promotional packaging.  For the promotional packaging we decided that the Blippar app was the best way forward to link the packaging promotion with the online interaction.

Whilst Veronica took on the creation of the game in more detail, I wanted to investigate further interaction to bring awareness of the event to the target audience.  Creating designs within multiple devices the audience could see where the interaction would take them once they scanned in the icon from the packaging design via the Blippar app.

This is put forward in the attached presentation below.

I wrote presentation notes in a draft, but these notes also enabled me to process ideas and enhance my concept design ideas to share with Veronica.

DRAFT 27.3 Promotional Campaign for the Adventures in Moominland Exhibition at the Southbank Centre

Button Assets sent to Veronica to incorporate in the game so the user can access the videos.  Device frames were also sent over to Veronica to incorporate into the game.

Advertures in Moominland Button-01 moomin shop





FINAL FINAL CW VG Internative Presentation Pitch 3.4.17

Not only did I want the game to be interactive, which would lend to a promotion of 15% off at the Moomin shop at the Southbank Centre.  I decided the initial promotion would easy to access with a 10% off tickets to the event from scanning the icon on the packaging design via Blippar app.  On the screen featuring the promotional code, I wanted it to have an taster video of The Adventures in Moominland to the target audience could get inspired by the taster video.  I changed the video to have the ‘Southbank Centre’ logo featured throughout the video.

In the blippar app there would also feature a button on the history of the Moomins so the user read about the author and the creation of the brand.  The blippar app would also feature a Cawston Press button, which would lead the user to the Moomin Quest game.


Following the game, there would be a promotion code to receive 15% off at the Moomin shop.  Again, to enhance the user experience I wanted to create a video for the user to have an interactive experience of visiting the shop.  Within the Moomin shop there would be an interactive game and story books for the consumers to enjoy and get inspired by the Moomins stories.  This is featured in the video.  I have included the Moomin shop logo to remind the viewers on where they can have this interactive experience.

Finally, I decided on a post event campaign via social media.  This detail is written in the presentation.

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