Mapping, Data and Information Part 1

Spending some time walking around the university, I came across a poster highlighting all the food and drink shops within the university at Ealing Campus.

I walked to each of them, which were accessible on the day.  I took photographs and recorded the costs of the items I was interested in collecting and mapping out data.


notes on walk about for food.jpg

I decided to compare choices of food and drinks ideally for breakfast because there was such a vast array of choice of food but not much of a great choice for breakfast, most of the food and drink is pretty unhealthy with a high sugar content.

notes for food.jpg

Following taking notes on foot, I started to map out the food and drink by shops and compare prices.  I was going to structure it healthy and unhealthy, but most of it is unhealthy (high sugar content), so this didn’t really work out.  What I found was that there was quite a significant difference in costs around the shops, so this was ideal to map out in an infographic.


On comparison of the above infographic I created in Illustrator, the Illy Pod seems about average on price within the university.  However, at the start of university in September the Illy Pod stopped selling fruit.  So, the Heart Refectory would be the ideal place to grab breakfast, but they are the most expensive for flapjacks.  What this data does tell us, we have to go to each of the shops to get the lowest price for each drink or food item, which isn’t ideal when you are in a rush!

Below is a printed version of the info graph.


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