For this module I have been asked to create a website for a client.  I put an advert on social media to see what business owners needed a website or an upgrade to their existing website.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 19.46.27.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-04 at 19.46.39.png


I received quite a few responses, but decided to go with a client who previously approached me to design their packaging.  The company is called Alchemy Botanics. The products are luxury aromatherapy products for enhancing well being. The owner wasn’t happy with her logo created by another graphic designer, so she asked me to redesign it as well as the website.

Following discussion with people, I decided to work with client Ngozi Plange. To create a brand identity for her brand Alchemy Botanics as well as a website.


Visit Alchemy Botanics Website Here

I attach the portfolio of work from logo design, label design to website design which is mobile responsive.  Along the way, I had to write in some custom css code when I installed the woo commence (shop plug in). This was particular easy to find and insert.

Carrie Woodward 21281015 Professional Presentaiton Portfolio AD60146E

The website design was made over a period of 4 weeks, which had many changes and some challenges. I created the website in WordPress using a custom theme called Divi. One of the issues I had was making it mobile responsive, from the layout I initially created. I therefore changed the layout to make the website flow and ensure everything was aligned.


The client had quite a lot of import into the design and I work towards her requirements,  but guiding her with any design issues or making alternative suggestions, where I felt the design would not work but ultimately I went with the clients requirement.

Attached is a communication log of designer/client communication throughout the project. We used What’s App and Email to communicate. For chat on small queries we used What’s app for length discussions and project status we used to Email for comms.

Carrie Woodward 21281015 Client Communication log


To track this project, I used the app this handy app for desktop and mobile allowed me to keep my project on track and submit work at the appropriate time.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 12.05.03

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