Creating a brand identity for myself

For this module we were to create a brand identity, producing mock ups of stationery as well as printed material and hosting and design our website with portfolio.

Brand Identity – Business Card Development

I like the ‘old english’ typeface and having seen it in current design trends on magazine, film billboard posters and fashion clothing, I was keen to go with this style of typeface.

Carrie Woodward Business Card Development

Final Business Cards displayed in PDF link below

Carrie Woodward Business Card FOR PRINT (1)


Cabazon – Logo and Name Design

Mr Eaves MOD OT – Body Text details

Both typefaces taken from the Adobe Typekit.


I chose pink, black and white as I found this a good contrast to stand out. The bold pink currently is on trend as well, which I am seeing in a lot of design.

Compliment Slip

I chose to print compliment slips from my mock up, so I can send out with any artwork I have printed to send to future clients.

Final Compliment Slip design in the attached link as a PDF.

Carrie Woodward compliment slip FINAL

Branded Mock up Stationery 

Creating a display of branded mock up stationery, which includes branded letter head, iPad with website displayed, iPhone with website displayed, branded business cards front and back,  branded compliment slip, branded pen and branded envelopes.

Uploaded on my website with a link to Pinterest uploaded as well.

Pinterest Link

Carrie Woodward Mock Up Stationery FINAL pastelgreen.png


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