End of Year Degree Show

Events Management 

For our end of year degree show each of us was to participate to get the show running. With my event management experience, I felt I was able to participate by managing our budget, buying various things for the show as well as be present in the gallery including opening up the gallery, discuss my design work with visitors and closing the gallery.

Budgeting and Tracking

To manage our budget, I contacted each of the 24 students participating to contribute a set amount. I got ahead of this and planned well to ensure all funds were in and our budget and forecast was tracked on excel sheet using formulas to track our spend.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 10.30.18


I was the main contact with our the gallery to organise payment and details of our opening times, queries and any other matters I communicated out to the students and the lecturers. For the opening of the exhibition I helped with loading the van and getting extras we needed for the private viewing such as drinks and equipment for hosting the evening event and making necessary payments for printing costs, payments to students and lecturers for materials. To ensure everyone was up to date with the budget spend, each Friday I sent out the update budget sheet to all participants including lecturers.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 10.33.56

Setting up the gallery and my own section

I participated in setting up the gallery, ensuring all work was displayed professionally and neatly.

For my section, I created a college of all my work on an A1 poster. I will write about this in more detail in my next post. Below this, I placed a plinth to hold an iPhone 6 on a stand to display my prototype app hosted on Invision. This allowed the guests and visitors to experience the app and how it works. Alongside the device I placed my business cards.


Within the middle section, the table held my print work of books and a zine. Along the opposite wall displayed 300 x 300 wooden placks with printer snap shots of my work along with our students work as a mixed collage. The rear computers held showreels and profiles of our work and links to our websites.



Private Viewing

For the private viewing, I invited clients, current work colleagues, family and friends to show my work. The evening was very successful with a great turn out. I really enjoyed showing my design work to my work colleagues as my major project was creating an app, which I work for a company that builds app for TV and mobile. I was present at the gallery everyday to welcome visitors and discuss my work or any other designer’s work the visitor had an interest in with any queries.

Networking and Collaborating 

Within my guest list, I extend the invite to a friend who is a music producer whom could help graduates with any music work within and future design work. I created and printed business cards for my friend for this event to hand out to potential clients, which he has benefited from. The logo design was already created and my friend was happy with this. I changed the colours on the logo to match with his website and created the rest of the design on the business card.

Carrie Woodward matt knight business Final

Brand Identity

As well as helping a friend with business cards, I have created my own business cards and compliments slips. Now having a consistent brand identity. This can also be viewed on my website. I created mock up stationery as well to illustrate the brand identity I have chosen. I will write about this in detail in my next post.




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