End of Year Degree Show

Events Management 

For our end of year degree show each of us was to participate to get the show running. With my event management experience, I felt I was able to participate by managing our budget, buying various things for the show as well as be present in the gallery including opening up the gallery, discuss my design work with visitors and closing the gallery.

Budgeting and Tracking

To manage our budget, I contacted each of the 24 students participating to contribute a set amount. I got ahead of this and planned well to ensure all funds were in and our budget and forecast was tracked on excel sheet using formulas to track our spend.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 10.30.18


I was the main contact with our the gallery to organise payment and details of our opening times, queries and any other matters I communicated out to the students and the lecturers. For the opening of the exhibition I helped with loading the van and getting extras we needed for the private viewing such as drinks and equipment for hosting the evening event and making necessary payments for printing costs, payments to students and lecturers for materials. To ensure everyone was up to date with the budget spend, each Friday I sent out the update budget sheet to all participants including lecturers.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 10.33.56

Setting up the gallery and my own section

I participated in setting up the gallery, ensuring all work was displayed professionally and neatly.

For my section, I created a college of all my work on an A1 poster. I will write about this in more detail in my next post. Below this, I placed a plinth to hold an iPhone 6 on a stand to display my prototype app hosted on Invision. This allowed the guests and visitors to experience the app and how it works. Alongside the device I placed my business cards.


Within the middle section, the table held my print work of books and a zine. Along the opposite wall displayed 300 x 300 wooden placks with printer snap shots of my work along with our students work as a mixed collage. The rear computers held showreels and profiles of our work and links to our websites.



Private Viewing

For the private viewing, I invited clients, current work colleagues, family and friends to show my work. The evening was very successful with a great turn out. I really enjoyed showing my design work to my work colleagues as my major project was creating an app, which I work for a company that builds app for TV and mobile. I was present at the gallery everyday to welcome visitors and discuss my work or any other designer’s work the visitor had an interest in with any queries.

Networking and Collaborating 

Within my guest list, I extend the invite to a friend who is a music producer whom could help graduates with any music work within and future design work. I created and printed business cards for my friend for this event to hand out to potential clients, which he has benefited from. The logo design was already created and my friend was happy with this. I changed the colours on the logo to match with his website and created the rest of the design on the business card.

Carrie Woodward matt knight business Final

Brand Identity

As well as helping a friend with business cards, I have created my own business cards and compliments slips. Now having a consistent brand identity. This can also be viewed on my website. I created mock up stationery as well to illustrate the brand identity I have chosen. I will write about this in detail in my next post.





For the degree show I produced a collage of my work on an A1 Poster.

For this I created the mock up images on the wall, using a grid. Having the grid up on the wall as an A1 layout I was able to visualise the work layout easier due to the size of the poster design.

Creating a grid layout and using colour for placement.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 12.28.19.png

Final Poster Design

For gallery wall and included on my website design.


Poster in the gallery



creating a brand identity – website design

Carrie Woodward – Website



Header – included my brand identity logo name and title.

For the home page, I used the collage design from my Poster at the end of year show as I thought this was great for the home page to illustrate most my work as a whole image.


I have wrote about my experience and included a pattern of roses within the background to compliment my design.


I have included 12 images, text with links to the pieces of work, which include animations hosted on you tube, book designs hosted on issuu and design portfolios again hosted on issuu. Sub category drop down ACADEMIC BLOG included within this. This is a link to ‘this’ academic blog.


I have included my email address which I have set up in line with my brand identity, again included the roses pattern in the back background to ensure the website has consistancy.

Creating a brand identity for myself

For this module we were to create a brand identity, producing mock ups of stationery as well as printed material and hosting and design our website with portfolio.

Brand Identity – Business Card Development

I like the ‘old english’ typeface and having seen it in current design trends on magazine, film billboard posters and fashion clothing, I was keen to go with this style of typeface.

Carrie Woodward Business Card Development

Final Business Cards displayed in PDF link below

Carrie Woodward Business Card FOR PRINT (1)


Cabazon – Logo and Name Design

Mr Eaves MOD OT – Body Text details

Both typefaces taken from the Adobe Typekit.


I chose pink, black and white as I found this a good contrast to stand out. The bold pink currently is on trend as well, which I am seeing in a lot of design.

Compliment Slip

I chose to print compliment slips from my mock up, so I can send out with any artwork I have printed to send to future clients.

Final Compliment Slip design in the attached link as a PDF.

Carrie Woodward compliment slip FINAL

Branded Mock up Stationery 

Creating a display of branded mock up stationery, which includes branded letter head, iPad with website displayed, iPhone with website displayed, branded business cards front and back,  branded compliment slip, branded pen and branded envelopes.

Uploaded on my website with a link to Pinterest uploaded as well.

Pinterest Link

Carrie Woodward Mock Up Stationery FINAL pastelgreen.png


Major Project – NME Live App

For the major project I continued to build on the app idea, which is details on this blog under Year 3, Concept Development, Self Initiative Project. Here is detail the original app idea entitled LIGG London Interactive Gig Guide with a large detailed wireframe.

To simplify this app and get it into a prototype, I rebranded it under NME Live. As I wanted to target the NME audience. Whilst creating this app, NME magazine removed it’s  weekly magazine printed publication to just an online version. In the magazine it features a weekly article on live gigs for upcoming bands. This article is now available within the NME app as a PDF online version.

I wanted to extend the brands online recognition to create an app for booking the gigs featured in the NME live weekly article. Therefore, I created an app for this user experience.

Initial Presented Brief for Major Project – NME Live

Following this presentation, I started to further develop the concept, and presented back in a group crit.

Concept Development Presentation for Crit

I continued to work on the animation advert for the app and the prototype for an iPhone 6 before uploading and testing the prototype in Invision. This was then presented within the degree show on an iPhone 6 as a prototype for users to experience.

Full Design Portfolio Link

NME Live Design Portfolio

Prototype Link

Prototype Link NME Live

NME Live – Animated Advert for app



For this module I have been asked to create a website for a client.  I put an advert on social media to see what business owners needed a website or an upgrade to their existing website.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 19.46.27.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-04 at 19.46.39.png


I received quite a few responses, but decided to go with a client who previously approached me to design their packaging.  The company is called Alchemy Botanics. The products are luxury aromatherapy products for enhancing well being. The owner wasn’t happy with her logo created by another graphic designer, so she asked me to redesign it as well as the website.

Following discussion with people, I decided to work with client Ngozi Plange. To create a brand identity for her brand Alchemy Botanics as well as a website.


Visit Alchemy Botanics Website Here

I attach the portfolio of work from logo design, label design to website design which is mobile responsive.  Along the way, I had to write in some custom css code when I installed the woo commence (shop plug in). This was particular easy to find and insert.

Carrie Woodward 21281015 Professional Presentaiton Portfolio AD60146E

The website design was made over a period of 4 weeks, which had many changes and some challenges. I created the website in WordPress using a custom theme called Divi. One of the issues I had was making it mobile responsive, from the layout I initially created. I therefore changed the layout to make the website flow and ensure everything was aligned.


The client had quite a lot of import into the design and I work towards her requirements,  but guiding her with any design issues or making alternative suggestions, where I felt the design would not work but ultimately I went with the clients requirement.

Attached is a communication log of designer/client communication throughout the project. We used What’s App and Email to communicate. For chat on small queries we used What’s app for length discussions and project status we used to Email for comms.

Carrie Woodward 21281015 Client Communication log


To track this project, I used the app Monday.com this handy app for desktop and mobile allowed me to keep my project on track and submit work at the appropriate time.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 12.05.03

Going for a walk/light design lazer cut part 2

We were asked to walk from Ladbroke Grove to Chiswick in West London. On the journey, I remembered that most interesting things around London were seen by looking up, mainly at the beautiful architecture. I thought how about looking at the ground and focussed my journey on looking at drain designs.

Throughout my walk, I discovered repetitive drain designs mostly by utility companies, still the design were pretty interesting.



Until I walked to Holland Park where I found cast iron plates in the pavement.  I was quite intrigued by the designs. In image below was the first cast iron plate I came across.


Nearing the end of my journey, in Chiswick, a row of houses backing onto the River Thames, I discovered all the houses had these cast iron plates in the pavements.  All different designs by different manufacturers.



The design reminded me of something I saw in Creative Review, buy I couldn’t quiet put my finger on it.  I did some research and rediscovered the book an artist had made in Creative Review. Unfortunately, the link to the complete works is broken, so below are some screenshots of what the artist made.  The artist took rubbings of drains covers and created a book from screen printing.


When I did further research I found out that these cast iron round plates in the pavement were coal hole covers.  They were used to cover the chute where the coal was deposited in the cellar of the houses. They were commonly used from 1860’s in many large town buildings, but with the introduction of the Clean Air Act in 1956 in London they became obsolete in Britain.

The designs still appear very strong due to being casted in iron, but over hundred years of footfall some of the design has worn away.

Whilst these designs are interesting, I took my sometime to think about how to use the design. I mocked up some drains in different colours to test.

CHISWICKDRAINelectric drainopen mwbCHISWICKDRAINyellow


Moving onto a wallpaper design perhaps it could be used in an industrial design office or a bathroom. I thought about some environmental awareness posters, but I couldn’t quite match a message I really wanted.

chiswick drain walls

As much as I liked the designs on the drains, I realised I picked quiet a difficult subject to progress with.  After some thought, I decided to create a 70cm diameter lampshade from a chosen coal hole design cover, to work the pattern of the coal hole cover around the shade.

for lamp


Once I traced the design I scanned into Photoshop then Illustrator to clean up ready for it to be inserted into the main artwork as a patterned design.

In illustrator ready for laser cutting.

total dimensions 225 x 30cm for a 70cm diameter lampshade

cut into 4 sections to print on A2

3 x 59cm by 30cm

1 x 48cm by 30cm

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 16.50.18.png

Laser cut print ready for assembly.

final lamp1.jpg

the end joins – not completely perfect due to errors with the laser cutter


example of a middle section

final lamp 3.jpg

Start of assembly, rounded into position, rolling the two rings at the same time following inserting the diffuser.  The diffuser was slightly bigger than the ring, which I found strange as I purchased it from the same company as the lampshade kit.  This made the artwork slightly bulged.


final lamp 5.jpg

Unfortunately, I have all fitted light fittings, so I was unable to actually fit the lampshade to a standard light fitting.  I used cord and hung it from the a large light fitting and used battery powered lights to eliminate the light.

final lamp 6.jpg

final lamp 7.jpg

final lamp 8.jpg

As mentioned above the diffuser is slightly larger than the ring, so it didn’t sit perfectly in the lamp shade ring.

final lamp 9.jpg

finlal lamp 10.jpg

final lamp 11.jpg

Lazer Cut Light Shade Part 1

Taking inspiration for the pattern from a book entitled The Art of Mehndi by Sumta Batra. I drew out a pattern to scan and draw illustrator to create the artwork.  I placed the flower design in a pattern with the coffee beans dotted throughout.


I decided to create the pattern lampshade on a 20cm diameter.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 21.52.37.png

Once I printed it on the laser cutter, I pushed out all the paper that didn’t fall out.  What I discovered, which initially I thought was going to be a problem, some of the lines that were lazer cut appeared to be thinner than I judged.  This actually turned out for the better, because I was able to push out some of the parts of the flower design to make the design of the lampshade 3d rather than a flat rounded lampshade.


I tested the shade with a candle once I had pushed out all the paper cuttings. Clipped together with paperclips.



This seemed to work perfectly, so I assembled with a 20cm lampshade kit and popped on a lamp base.






The lamp is fitted with a dimmer, I experimented with the 3 dimmer settings.

I also created two other designs 20cm diameter, both have the word ‘BEAM’ throughout the shade, but one has a strikethrough the middle text.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 22.30.53.png

When I created the artwork, I used a stroke instead of a filled on some of the letters, which caused an error in the laser cutting.  See below video.


I then rectified the error and printed them both correctly.  Tested with a candle for light.