15 Luftballoons

Thinking of ways to rescue a helium filled balloon.


From the top, clockwise:-

  1. ask for help from acrobats.
  2. fly in a plane.
  3. ask God.
  4. shoot it down with a bow and arrow.
  5. get a bird of prey to retrieve it.
  6. stand on the princess (and the pea) mattresses.
  7. invite it to a balloon party in Freddie’s Bar.
  8. get a scissor lift.
  9. use a trampoline.
  10. swim to it.
  11. fly in a hot air balloon.
  12. use a trapeze.
  13. fly on a bicycle with E.T.
  14. ask Donald Trump.
  15. Google it.

I am late because…

Thinking about being late in realistic and surreal ways…

I am late bcus

From the top, clockwise:-

  1. someone committed suicide.
  2. slept late, drinking too much alcohol.
  3. talking too much.
  4. alarm didn’t go off.
  5. cat pee’d on my books.
  6. lost my bag.
  7. road traffic accident.
  8. nature called.
  9. suck in traffic.
  10. locked out of our graphics room.
  11. laptop blew up.
  12. queue for coffee.
  13. had a heart attack.