Betsy and Jerry are good friends, Jerry has a motorbike, Betsy grabs it for a ride and loses control. EEKKKKKKK BANG!  Betsy crashes it into a tree.  Jerry runs to help.  Betsy says she’s really sorry and is so happy she has a friend like Jerry, and to make up she buys them yummy ice-cream.

I wrote the above short story in 55 words, to successful lay out this simple plot I researched Aristotle, from The Poetics ‘Plot’.  My story constituents of a plot, characters, diction, thought and spectacle.  The plot has been constructed in an arrangement of incidents to flow, take the reader on the journey, the plot is the body of the story and characters are in second place.  To make the plot successful it must have a beginning, middle and an end.  A good plot must be thought out and must not start or end in unplanned or disorganised way, paying attention to the order of incidents is important so the plot has unity, for instance if an incident within the story was taken away it would effect the plot as a whole, if it doesn’t, then it’s not part of the whole and lacks amplitude.  Tone and sound is a fundamental part of the story-telling, it adds amplitude as well as tragedy within the story.

The nature of the characters is made up from what they say, their actions and expressions. The dialogue is the medium of the representation, within this I have expressed the actions of children to give a vision to the reader of innocence and this is a form of beauty.

By the order of incidents within the plot comes tragedy and is a representation of an action that has an attention of amplitude itself, in the above the crashing of the motorbike and the sounds which is makes, adds emotion to the height of the dialogue, the spectacle within the event.  To follow tragedy and to bring the story to an end, enters the heroic fortune, which is distinctively different between the tragedy and what happens after as a result of tragedy – the kindness and friendship.